The InBraga Hostel is an Hotel builded in a building recently renoved but that kept it original line of the end of XIX century.

With a privileged location, in the city’s center, has a fastest access to the main transports spots of Braga: Train Station (2 minutes on foot), Bus Station – where is also the Get Bus service, transports of daily trips to the airport Sá Carneiro, on Oporto and Braga (5 minutes on foot).

The InBraga Hostel is located, since ever, in one of the streets to Santiago Compostela.

Around the Hostel there is multiple of available restaurants and bars, as a lot os attractive spots on a historical and cultural level of Braga.

Fundada pelos Romanos como Bracara Augusta, Braga está em constante crescimento e expansão, sendo uma cidade cheia de cultura e tradições, onde a História e a Religião vivem lado a lado.

Founded by romans as Bracara Augusta, Braga is constantly growing and expanding, being an city full of culture an traditions, where the History and the Region came side to side.

The “Capital of Minho” offers to their tourists a lot of options, like museums, monuments, building heritage, urban and cultural spaces. A city that is knowed by their traditions and celebrations, gastronomy and handicraft.

The InBraga Hostel has the pleasure to give all the informations to get to know the city’s most acttrative spots and it surroundings, making your visit memorable.

Braga, a city to know, to see and feel.